I have questions...

who can I ask?

So often we want to ask honest questions but have no safe place to do it. In fact, most churches provide no format for open discussion. Often asking a question in a traditional format is uncomfortable and even discouraged.

The Forum is different. This is the venue for your questions; this is the venue to find God’s answers. No questions off limits.

The Forum is a discussion venue

The Forum is a discussion venue focused on finding the answer to life’s big questions. Each one-hour session features informative group study and interaction in a friendly, home environment.

Whether you have loads of questions or just want to hear about the current topic, you’ll find the forum is structured to answer the questions we all have about God, ourselves, and the world around us.

No questions off limits

We believe that the Bible is true; therefore, it will stand up to any question we pose against it. The Bible has sufficient and compelling answers for life’s big questions. Join us as we explore the answers God has given us in His Word.

Our Most Recent Forum:

What Would Jesus Drink?
A discussion forum 

Four engaging sessions of learning and discussion over Alcohol, the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Each session includes an informative talk and an open question forum in a safe environment where there are no questions off-limits.



Prohibition vs. the Bible
Total Abstinence vs. Jesus
Moderation vs. Abuse
A History of Drinking
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Listen to the Sessions